Covington, Louisiana – The Louisiana Knights begin their new mission #ProtectOurPlayers by partnering with AVALA, the Northshore’s fastest growing healthcare provider for orthopedic and spine surgery, imaging, and physical therapy.

Dr. Samer Shamieh is the Medical Director at AVALA and was once a top-rated tennis player in the South. 

“As a former athlete at Louisiana State University and an Orthopedic Surgeon, I know the pitfalls of sports injuries all too well” said Dr. Samer Shamieh.

“They are devastating to the player and to the family. With this partnership, AVALA’s quick access to the best physicians in the area will allow us to treat players using the most cutting-edge technology.”

“The partnership between AVALA and the Louisiana Knights is perfect, in that both organizations believe in utilizing the latest innovative technologies to provide healthier outcomes – whether it is for an athlete or a patient,” said Scott Boudreaux, AVALA CEO. “The goal remains the same – a better quality of life.”

With the installation of bi-annual player screens, immediate access to healthcare providers, and educational webinars, “Knights Knation” can now take to the field knowing that they have an entire network of healthcare providers looking over their shoulders – literally. For far too long, amateur baseball has been plagued with increasing injuries, such as Little League Shoulder and Elbow. Now, Knights Baseball, in conjunction with its brand-new Medical Division, is making a commitment to “Protect Our Players” from the injuries that are often preventable.

“Our mission has and always will be to maximize the development of our players,” said Jack Cressend, President of the Louisiana Knights.

“We have always worked hard to help each player reach their respective potential – with the hopes that it results in their playing baseball at the next level. Injuries, especially those that can be prevented with sound medical screenings and education, prevent players from realizing their dreams.

“As a program, we wanted to do more than just talk about protecting our players. Our partnership with AVALA will do just that” said Jack Cressend.

“AVALA and its team of healthcare professionals will allow us to take our player protection program to a whole different stratosphere. As we strive to always provide more for our players, this is a huge addition to our program, and we look forward to establishing a long-term relationship.”

About AVALA: AVALA, a premier 21 bed hospital, provides cutting-edge medical technology and offers state-of-the-art health, physical therapy, and imaging services for patients. AVALA approaches healthcare differently. AVALA believes where there’s trust, there’s healing. AVALA’s goal is to cultivate an environment where there’s more care in healthcare.

AVALA has also been honored with the following awards: St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce 2018 Innovation Award, St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce 2019 Site to See Award, and Times-Picayune/Advocate 2019 Direction Award and 2019 and 2020 Top Workplaces Awards. Learn more:

About Louisiana Knights: The Louisiana Knights are one of the most respected baseball programs in the Gulf Coast region – where many of their athletes have graduated from the program, becoming successful college and major league players. The Knights’ mission is to provide their athletes with a host of athletic and medical resources in order to become the best version of themselves on and off the field. The Knights’ program, players, and families have elevated this sport, creating a first-class experience.